How To Choose Your Storage Shed Location

How to Choose Your Storage Shed Location

Are you struggling to figure out what the best storage shed location would be near your home? We have come up with a list of some key factors for those looking to purchase a storage shed and trying to figure out what the ideal location would be in their backyard. (To determine if you need a foundation for your shed, read this guide.)

Read the helpful tips below before deciding on a location for your storage shed to avoid additional expenses in the future. Besides choosing a poor location, you can read about additional mistakes to avoid when doing ground preparation for your shed here.

Remember, the most important thing to do after you have decided on your storage shed location is to build a strong concrete shed foundation or a gravel shed pad.

Purpose and Function of a Shed

How will you be using your storage building? What will be the most convenient spot for the shed based on the use it’ll have for you? These are some of the first questions you should ask yourself when choosing your storage shed location. If the building’s intended purpose is storage for garden supplies, then you might want to place the shed in the backyard where it’s easily accessible. If you plan on storing your bike, then somewhere closer to the front of the house would be ideal.

Accessibility into the Shed

A crucial factor in choosing your storage shed location is how convenient it is to access. If your shed is located far away from the house and behind some bushes and trees, you’re not going to want to venture out there very often. Place the shed relatively close to the house and in an open area so that it is easily accessible when needed. When the day comes that your shed is being delivered, you need to make sure that storage shed location you’ve chosen is accessible for the delivery drivers.

The Appearance of the Shed

You want you to show off your brand-new storage building. We believe a nice shed can add to the value of your home. You need to make it looks like the shed is part of your property. Whether it’s making sure the color of the shed is right, or by building a pathway from your home to the shed. Don’t just place the shed in the middle of your backyard where it might look good, but will get in the way.

Lighting inside the Shed

The position of the sun is something important to keep in mind. If you plan on using the shed as a greenhouse or a summer house, you might want to choose a location directly in front of the sun’s path. If you’re considering turning your shed into an office, workshop or a studio, the sun beating down on it all day might become unpleasant after a while.

You need to consider the interior of the shed because it can get really hot during the summer. This will influence how comfortable your shed will be during the summer. Also, if the shed is directly in the path of the sun it can cause exterior paint and roofing materials to age much faster. If you plan on choosing a darker storage shed location, you might want to consider adding an extra window for natural lighting. Putting some basic electric lights on the inside could extend use hours for the shed.

Local Ordinances for Sheds

When choosing a shed, the size of it will help determine the storage shed location. Most importantly, you must make sure that the size of the shed and the location is within the rules of the local planning and zoning department. Local township codes (like the codes for sheds in Gap, PA) can mandate how close you may place a storage building to fences, trees, property lines, and other structures.

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The Landscape For Best Storage Shed Location

The best storage shed location will include a flat and level surface, where there is no roots or clumps of rocks. When choosing the landscape location, you must consider future yard plans before your shed is placed.

Remember that while it is possible, it will be very challenging to change your storage shed location once it’s installed. Are you planning on installing a swimming pool in a few years? Would you like your storage building to be the focal point of your yard or be tucked away at the side of your home? These are some important questions to ask yourself before settling on a storage shed location.

It is often a good idea to hire a site preparation expert to help locate and prepare the perfect spot for your storage building.

  • Level Ground

Although it’s possible to build a shed on a sloping plane, level ground is by far a better option. Try and locate a spot in your backyard that’s flat and has no roots or clumps of rock.

  • Water

Avoid putting your shed in a low-lying area that collects water or at the bottom of a hill. The constant exposure to water can cause the wood to rot and it can blister the paint. The moisture can cause the storage items on the inside to grow mold and mildew. Your shed will last much longer if it’s not in a location that’s constantly wet. You want your storage shed location to be level but a slight pitch in the rear is recommended to encourage water drainage (only for concrete pads).

  • Branches

Avoid locations with low hanging branches because they can cause damage to your shed. Low tree branches can scratch the sides and the roof of your shed, putting wear on your storage shed’s siding and shingles. If you put the shed under a big tree, heavy branches could eventually fall and damage your storage building. Also, avoid young trees, as they grow the branches may extend out and eventually come in contact with the wall or the roof of your shed.

Security of the Shed

Consider security when choosing your storage shed location. If you are concerned about possible intruders, placing the shed in a spot that’s visible from the house might be a good idea. Include security lighting and fit locks to keep your valuables protected. It is often a good idea to buy sheds without windows to keep intruders from peeking inside your shed and breaking in through them.

Foundation of the Shed

This is one of the most important factors when choosing the location of your storage shed. If you don’t choose a location where a strong gravel pad or concrete foundation can be built, nothing will matter because the longevity of your storage shed will be disrupted. There are various shed foundation types available. Contact Site Prep professionals or request a quote to get started with your shed foundation today.

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