Artificial Grass Foundations

photo of swingset and firepit on top of foundation after artificial grass installation

Get An Artificial Grass Foundation for Your Backyard Needs

There are a lot of artificial grass installation companies out there. What sets us apart is that we do a turf installation and gravel sub-base combination to produce a beautiful, yet firm turf foundation that can be used as a hangout area, workout area, and much more! Our artificial grass foundation creates a base that is stable, level, and, most importantly, much more durable than a simple turf layer. 

If you’re looking for an artificial grass foundation for sports hobbies, a firepit, or even a pool pad, it’s essential that the turf installation is done on top of a sturdy sub-base, like a gravel foundation.

Plus, our artificial grass installation services include a weed fabric barrier that is placed between the ground and stone sub-base. This acts as a weed suppressant and foundation stabilizer. The weed fabric is also permeable, allowing for efficient drainage.

Artificial Grass Foundation Uses

worker fastening turf to perimeter in artificial grass installation process


Installing a turf and gravel base can be a great way to practice your favorite sport. A batting cage, golf driving range, and plenty of other sport’s hobbies all work great on an artificial grass base. Practice your hobby sports right in your backyard!

children playing on swings after artificial grass installation

Swingset Base

If you’re buying a swingset, you NEED a level base for the whole setup. This keeps your swingset from tipping and provides a safe playground for your kids. A turf swingset base is firm and level, which keeps your kids happy and safe.

fire pit by artificial grass installation

Firepit/Hangout Area

Installing artificial grass can also be used for a firepit/hangout area. Enjoy relaxing with friends on a peaceful evening by a blazing fire, sipping hot tea and talking about bygone days. Better yet, what about s’mores and hot chocolate with your family!?

two men working outside working on an artificial grass installation

Pool Pad

Don’t you hate jumping out of your pool and landing on sharp stones? While a stone foundation under a pool is good for stabilization, it’s painful to walk on. Our artificial grass foundations solve this problem with a top layer of soft turf.

Dog-Turf-Pad for Sale

Outdoor Dog Turf Pad

A dog turf pad provides a safe and hygienic area for dogs to play and relieve themselves. The turf pad mimics the feel/look of real grass. It is resistant to chewing, digging and is easy to clean. It’s a low-maintenance solution for pet owners who want a designated dog area.

How Our Artificial Grass Foundations Are Installed

worker grading the site for turf installation

1. Excavate & Install Perimeter

The first step is to level the site. We do this by usually removing the first 6”-8” of dirt. To contain the stone and keep it compacted (which we do in step #3), we then install a pressure-treated wooden perimeter, which is secured to the ground with rebar.

workers adding fabric layer for turf installation

2. Add A Stabilization Fabric

Once the perimeter is secured and the ground is leveled, we add a weed barrier fabric accross the entire pad that keeps the weeds suppressed and also keeps the ground separated from the stone. Plus, the fabric is permeable, allowing for efficient drainage.

workers adding and raking stone for turf installation

3. Add Crushed Stone (Gravel)

We then add a 2”-4” layer of crushed limestone (gravel); we generally use “¾” clean” stone. Once the layer is added, we compact the stone to lock it into place. This provides a sturdy and stable base for the final step: turf installation.

worker securing turf to wooden perimeter for turf installation process

4. Turf Installation

It’s now time to install the turf. We’ll cut the turf into sections and then tape them together at the seams. To ensure a secure turf base, we fasten the turf to the wooden perimeter. Once the turf is fastened, we tamp the surface to take out any wrinkles or bubbles across the pad.

children playing on swingset after artificial grass installation

Where We Install Our Artificial Grass Foundations

Covering most of the Mid-Atlantic USA, we service in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Baltimore, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, and beyond. Our artificial grass installation service area includes rural and metropolitan areas, such as the greater New York and Philadelphia. You can see our full service area here. If you have any questions about our service area, feel free to contact us or call us at (717) 799-7311.