Commercial Excavation and Site Preparation

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Commercial Sitework to Keep Your Project on Track

Hiring an excavating crew that you can trust is critical: especially on a commercial jobsite. We’re Site Prep, and we’re a team of trusted commercial excavating professionals who would love to do the site prep for your building, including the grading, sewage, and seepage beds. We don’t just do site prep; we are Site Prep. But don’t take our word for it: see what our customers have to say about our services.

Our commercial excavation professionals work from dusk till dawn, from the first dig of site clearing to the final grading check to ensure that your foundation is built on time because we will be on time.

We’ll also efficiently work with you and your building plans; that way, you don’t need to worry about the minor site prep details.

Commercial Excavating Services

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Site Clearing and Brush Removal

We start from the beginning. We’ll clear the site of any obstructions, including rocks, stumps, or whatever else is in the way of a good foundation. After all we are Site Prep, aren’t we?

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Basement and Footer Excavation

Show us the basement project sketches and we’ll perform the basement commercial excavation according to plan, including proper footer trenches and excellent foundational support.

water drainage services from a commercial excavation company

Water Runoff and Drainage

Need drainage and/or water runoff solutions? We’ve got plenty of experience and would love to grade the site as well as provide good solutions for any potential water runoff and drainage problems.

septic pipes from commercial excavation services

Septic and Drain Field Installation

We also do excavation for the septic system according to the project details. Whether you need commercial excavation done to meet local codes or excavation done for a sewage connection, we can help.

concrete pad for commercial excavation job in MD

Concrete Floors and Flatwork

Our goal is to leave behind a level, durable foundation. We also pour footers and the concrete floor for your building. Basically, our crew will lay down the concrete “flatwork”, that’s ready for the construction phase.

cat skid rolling along dirt for commercial excavation

Final Grading

We’ll also backfill and grade the site. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with a job well done. That’s why we’ll leave the site as clean as possible and ready for any additional landscaping after the building is finished.

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Commercial Excavators In PA & Beyond

We’re located in Gap, PA, and we serve a delivery radius of 80 miles from our shop. We service southeast PA, as well as northern Maryland and Delaware. We also service much of New Jersey as well as Philadelphia, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Baltimore, MD; Dover, DE; and much more!

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Hire Commercial Excavators You Can Trust

We understand. Hiring a reputable commercial excavating crew is important. At Site Prep, we’re committed to the following commitments:

  • We are committed to protecting your building by providing foundations that are designed to not only support your building for its entire lifespan but also to outlast it!
  • We are committed to offering reasonable prices that do not overcharge or take advantage of any of our customers while also offering quality excavation services.
  • We are committed to working honestly and working hard, not taking advantage of your excavation investment.

We’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of happy customers over the years. Feel free to read what our customers have said about our services through Google and Facebook reviews.

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a stream remediation project done with excavation in Willow Grove, PA
a stream remediation project done with excavation in Willow Grove, PA
a stream remediation project done with excavation in Willow Grove, PA