Dog-Friendly Turf Yards

dog relaxing in turf for backyard with dogs

It’s simple: installing dog friendly turf in your yard is a safe, healthy, and minimum-maintenance dog-play-area solution. By installing turf in your backyard for your dogs, they’ll be able to happily play, pee, poop, or just roll around for hours with no fear of “dead patch” grass spots! Not only will your dogs appreciate the comfortable and secure play area, but you’ll also reap the benefits of reduced maintenance and a picturesque landscape that enhances your outdoor living space. Plus, it’s built to withstand the wear and tear of energetic dogs. For an optimal experience, choose premium, pet-safe artificial turf for your backyard with dogs and maintain it regularly, just like what we install for our dog-loving customers.

Dog-Friendly Turf Yard Uses

two small dogs on dog friendly turf for yard

Dog Play Area

Setup a few dog “amusement” attractions and let your dog have fun! Add a slide, some toys, or whatever else makes your dog happy!

3 dogs on dog friendly turf for yard

Dog Litter Pad

A minimum-maintenance solution, backyard turf for your dogs to poop and pee is hygienic and easy to clean up.

green dog friendly turf for yard foundation

Training Area

Need a designated “dog training” area. Artificial turf is comfortable for both trainer and trainee.

Dog-Friendly Turf Yard Benefits

Create a pet-friendly oasis with dog-friendly turf for yard with dogs, offering increased cleanliness, safety, and a soft, comfortable surface!
  • Increased Dog Cleanliness: Traditional natural grass can easily become messy. Skip the mud with a dog-friendly turf yard.
  • Enhanced Safety from Insects and Unwanted Objects: Natural grass attracts insects and pests that can endanger your dog’s health. Try backyard turf for your dogs.
  • Provides Softness for Your Dog: Dog-friendly turf provides a soft and comfortable surface for dogs to walk, run, and play, which is particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with mobility issues.
  • Keeps Your Dog’s Health in Check: Dog-friendly turf offers a comfortable alternative to natural dirt and cold ground, especially in colder months.
dog by turf for backyard with dogs

How Our Dog-Friendly Turfs are Installed

excavation for turf for backyard with dogs

1. Excavate and Install Perimeter

The first step is to prepare the area where the dog-friendly turf will be installed. The existing turf or ground cover is removed to create a clean, even surface. Workers will use shovels, rakes, or machinery to excavate the area to the desired depth.

vapor barrier installation for turf for backyard with dogs

2. Add a Stabilization Fabric

After excavation, a layer of crushed stone or aggregate is spread over the prepared ground. This crushed stone layer serves as a solid base for the dog-friendly turf. It helps with drainage, prevents water buildup, and offers stability to the surface.

gravel install for dog friendly turf for yard base

3. Add Crushed Stone (Gravel)

A stabilization fabric, also known as a weed barrier, is laid over the layer of crushed stone. This fabric prevents weed growth from below while still allowing water to drain through. It also helps to keep the base materials separate from the surface turf layer.

securing turf to gravel foundation for dog friendly turf for yard

4. Add Surface Material (Dog-Friendly Turf)

After laying the crushed stone and stabilization fabric, the dog-friendly turf is rolled out and positioned carefully. It’s trimmed to fit the area perfectly, ensuring proper alignment with the perimeter for a neat appearance.

close up of dog friendly turf for yard

Where We Install Our Dog-Friendly Turf Yards

Our service area covers the majority of the Mid-Atlantic USA. We install dog-friendly turf yards in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and beyond. Our dog turf yard services are available in rural and metropolitan areas, including greater New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, and beyond. You can see our entire service area here.