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Green Gazebo Foundation in northeast America
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Gazebo Foundations – Gravel & Concrete

Gravel gazebo foundations are the best foundations to keep your gazebo in great shape for a long, long time. Our gazebo foundations can be installed on any property. Contact us for a free quote to get your gazebo pad project started.

All our gazebo foundations are leveled and ready for your gazebo. We also offer a 12′ drainage system to control stormwater runoff from your gazebo. Standard gravel pads can be upgraded to a poured concrete foundation to get a more permanent foundation. Adding a concrete foundation requires digging. It is important to call 811, a nationwide service, to find out the location of any water, sewer, or electrical lines before digging begins. The poured concrete foundation is especially suited for large garages and similar buildings but can also work with large gazebos.

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Features of Our Gravel Stone Gazebo Foundations

  • A: Ground Leveled With Skid Loader.
  • B: Pressure Treated 4×6 Perimeter w/ 2’’ Rebar Stakes Through 4x6s to Maintain Stability.
  • C: 4’’- 6” of 3/4‘’ Clean Drainage Stone Leveled And Tampered.
  • D: Extra 12″ on each side of the structure for MAXIMUM Drainage.
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