Pole Barn Foundations

exterior of pole barn foundation by the woods

Why You Need a Pole Barn Foundation Installer 

If you have decided to build a pole barn, it is important to lay a foundation that is level and solid. Pole barn manufacturers and homeowners alike both like it better when a level foundation is laid before the pole barn project is built. After all, it creates a more seamless, easier workflow for the pole barn crew.

Fortunately, we are here to offer the foundation installation services you need. Our team of experts can install a gravel or concrete foundation for your pole barn, ensuring that it is level, stable, and able to support the weight of a pole barn.

With our assistance, you can ensure that your pole barn is built to last and meets all local building codes and regulations. So if you are ready to get started on your pole barn construction project, contact us today to learn more about our foundation installation services.

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Types of Pole Barn Foundations We Install

At Site Prep, we offer a range of services to assist with building your pole barn. Our most popular option is the gravel foundation, which provides a sturdy and reliable base for your structure. We also offer a concrete foundation option for customers located within 200 miles of Lancaster, PA, and Farmville, VA,  which is another excellent pole barn foundation choice. However, it’s important to note that this option is generally more expensive than the gravel foundation.

excavator excavating a pole barn foundation in PA

Pole Barn Gravel Foundation

Gravel Foundation Includes:

  • A. Ground leveled with skid loader.
  • B. Pressure-treated 4×6 perimeter w/rebar stakes to maintain stability.
  • C. 4’’- 6” of 3/4″ clean drainage stone, leveled and compacted.
  • D. Extra 12″ of stone on each side of structure for maximum drainage.

It’s much easier to build a pole barn on a level foundation. That way the homeowner doesn’t need to go back and add a foundation after the pole barn is installed. A gravel or concrete foundation are two excellent choices.

Reviews From Past Site Prep Projects

1000s of homeowners across the Mid-Atlantic United States have trusted us to install their foundations. Here’s feedback we received from several of them:

Ben did a fabulous job on this site preparation for a new Greenhouse and Barn on my property.

It is a very professional organization that makes every attempt to work to the highest

Jack Carr
February 9, 2024

Ben and His Team Are Truly Stars!

From beginning to end, I could not have been more impressed with this Team from

February 9, 2024

Fantastic Service

From the moment I requested a quote to the installation date, I was impressed with

February 3, 2024

Effcient, considerate & on time

Very considerate of my property and my neighbors. Tear down went well but they really

October 31, 2023

What Happens If You Don't Have a Foundation For Your Pole Barn

If you do not build a foundation for your pole barn, over time, the soil's mobility can cause the columns to shift, leading to instability and potential structural damage. This can result in noticeable noise or movement within the pole barn's columns, and in severe cases, can even cause the pole barn to collapse. Therefore, it is crucial to build a strong and reliable foundation to ensure the safety and longevity of your pole barn.

Where We Build Pole Barn Foundations

At Site Prep, we offer both gravel and concrete foundation services for pole barns in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and West Virginia. We provide concrete foundation services up to 200 miles from Lancaster, PA and Farmville, VA, and gravel foundation services in every state where we operate in the Mid-Atlantic region.

exterior of freshly excavated pole barn foundation in PA
tamping the pole barn foundation in PA
a pole barn foundation by a house being rolled
a pole barn foundation being made
a nearly completed pole barn foundation by a woods
pole barn foundation by woods