a gravel shed foundation in franklin NY

Project Description

Client: Gareth O.

Location: Franklin, NY

Date Completed: August 19, 2021

At this job site, the crew did two different gravel shed pads. The one was 18×45, and the other was 14×26. They were built for Gareth O., and both gravel shed pads were built on off level ground. The 18×45 gravel shed pad was 43″ off level, and the 14×26 gravel shed pad was 26″ off level. Gareth wanted the 18×45 shed pad raised at least 8 inches at highest point. Gareth wanted to eventually place a 16×44 shed on the 18×45 shed pad. On the 14×26 shed pad, he wanted to put a 12×24 shed. He also wanted the 18×45 gravel shed foundation to be shaped like the 16×44 shed that would eventually be placed on this shed pad. With a drawing of the 16×44 shed, the crew was able to figure out how to design the 18×45 gravel shed pad, accordingly.