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Most Professional

A gravel foundation for a shed

Just had the guys finish this week on the demolition of the old shed, and the pad prep for the new one. They did a great job. The guys were most professional and friendly workers I have ever had. The site looks great and I’m sure will last as long as I will need it. Work was great and the price was great too. Thanks for the great job.

Ed B.
Trenton, NJ
June 27, 2019

Team Did an Excellent Job

I hired Site Preparations to prepare a stone pad for our 10 x 18 shed. The team did an excellent job from start to finish. I would recommend them to anyone needing the site preparation for their new shed.

Cynthia L.
Marietta, PA
June 25, 2019

Worked Very Hard

Hi John,

Your crew was very kind, courteous,very professional, worked very hard. They did an excellent job, we were well pleased.

We will recommend your company and crew to many. It has been a great experience doing business with your company.

Take Care, God bless

June 4, 2019

So Thoroughly Pleased

When you hire a contractor to undertake a job, you really don’t know how they will perform.
You how for the best but simultaneously fear the worst.
When I contacted Site Preparations, I not only got good, I got GREAT.
I suspected as much when I listened to the end of his phone message— which said. “God Bless.”
These are always words I need to hear.
I spoke with John and explained what I needed.
He explained his time frame- scheduling about six weeks in advance.
I was worried since I needed it in about a month.
He said maybe he could rearrange things.
I was hopeful since he was the contractor I wanted to work with.
Fortunately he called and said he could start in a week, if I wanted.
Answered prayer on my end.

His crew arrived at 7: as promised.
There young, strong, personable competent brothers.
They understood what I needed and began quietly working.
An hour later the soil was excavated,
after another hour the gravel was down and the form was set.
The concrete truck came and poured.
The crew set to leveling the concrete, troweling smooth.
It rained that night and there was no puddle on the pad showing how exact they were.
They cleaned up and left before lunch.
Honestly, I was flabbergasted by the finish. I was so happy.
We could now proceed building

If you foolishly choose another contractor you will be venturing into the contractor’s world of “A day late and a dollar short.”
Be smart, choose John, his crew and Site Preparations to do your job.
I was so thoroughly pleased with the finished job that I gave him a tip.
I didn’t mind since his bid was so competitive.
I was so thankful that I chose Site Preparations!!

John Spoehr

John Spoehr
June 3, 2019

Crew did an Excellent Job

Your crew did an excellent job. They got here early and started work right away. The pad turned out very nice. Please let them know I appreciate their hard work. You don’t know how much it means to people like me who can hire a great company like Site Preparations and know the job will be done right. Thanks again.

Gary I.
March 27, 2019

Great Work and Fast

I sent for a quote and got a fast reply. I wanted to enlarge by an extra foot per side because of my shed having a larger overhang, so I called their number. After explaining my request, they emailed me a quote in about 10 minutes or less. I had a scheduled date of Jan 7th, but got a call asking if they could come on Christmas Eve at 7am. They called me about a half hour before showing up at 7am and were right on time. Two nice young men got to work immediately after I showed them where we had marked out the location. By the time I got back from getting coffee and doughnuts for them, they had the perimeter dug and were setting the frame. I checked back around 10am and they were finished and gone already. Great work and minimal trauma to the yard surrounding the pad. We had weeks of excessive rainfall so the yard was very soft so there was no avoiding some tire tracks and tank-type treadmarks but they were very minimal and easily to flatten back out with continued rain. This is in no way any kind of complaint! They did a great job and if not for the extra rainfall, there would have probably been no marks! I Highly Recommend them for your site work!

Steve S.
Lansdale PA
January 22, 2019

Very Pleased

Good Evening John,

Thank you for checking in with me.

I am VERY pleased with the stone foundation which was constructed by your company.  Dan and Dave did an excellent job.  Dan is an excellent listener and addressed all of my concerns prior to starting the job.  The end result is exactly what I wanted.

I actually talked to a number of site prep companies  prior to giving you the OK to do the work.  You were the only person who really listened to me, understood, and flexible to give me the finished product I wanted for a fair price.

I would highly recommend your company.


Dennis H.
December 12, 2018

Absolutely Amazing

Hi John,

Those two young fellas that you sent here this morning were absolutely amazing. They backed the truck all the way down our driveway, which is no small feat. They both got right to work, and every move was carefully executed. They did not waste any time, and they work very well together. The job was a first rate top notch job. The foundation came out beautifully. I will recommend your company to everyone who asks us.

We were indeed blessed by having your company do this job for us. Thanks so much.


Bob C.
Upper Black Eddy, PA
December 5, 2018

Beyond Satisfied

Hi John,

Thank you for the invoice and balance update.  The credit was very much appreciated also and so kind of you as always.  I am beyond satisfied!

Matt and John (your crew) were a pleasure to work with and their work ethics very impressive.  It seemed like there were more than two men they worked so quickly and efficiently together.  They were very polite and courteous and always made me feel like they cared about me as a customer and our property.  The site was left clean and the stone foundation looks very professional and ready to have the shed built on it now.  I have no doubt that both the foundation and shed will be at that location for many years to come!   You should be VERY proud of both Matt and John and what I am certain they accomplish every day for Site Preparations!  If you recall, I was wondering if the old shed demolition, disposal and new foundation could all be done before dark.  What a pleasant surprise to see it done in a few hours.  When you have the right equipment and crew anything is possible.

Thank you again for always taking the time to talk and explain the job to me.  I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found your company and will definitely refer you to everyone I know and would hire your company again without any hesitation.  It was an extremely positive experience that I will never forget.

It was a pleasure meeting all of you and working with Site Preparations.  I told Matt when they left that the whole experience was like a Christmas miracle and it was true and heartfelt.  It was an extraordinary experience working with Site Preparations!  You make customers feel like friends and family and that is a special thing in any business.

Take care and Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to you and your family!!


Rose C.
Conshohocken, PA
December 5, 2018

Highly Recommend!

Very professional crew, that did a quality job. They paid attention to all of the little details from arrival, all the way through to clean-up. I appreciate the excellent work.

Mike P
Galena, MD
December 5, 2018

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