Concrete Foundations for Garages and Sheds

A crew building a concrete garage foundation in PA, CT, VA, MD, DE, NJ, NY, or WV

Concrete Foundations for Garages and Sheds

We specialize in building concrete foundations for garages and sheds, customized to the specs of your building. Whether it’s a small concrete pad for a single car garage or large concrete foundation for a multiple car garage, we can do it! Our expert crews of garage foundation builders install concrete foundations throughout PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, VA, WV, CT, and beyond. Start the process of planning for your own garage foundation by requesting a free quote!

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When To Choose a Concrete Foundation

There is one main scenario when you should choose a concrete foundation for your shed: When your shed or garage doesn’t have a pre-built floor.

If you shed or garage comes with a floor built in, then a gravel shed pad is your best choice. A gravel shed pad helps to keep the bottom of your shed dry and it reduces the amount of water that splashes up against the sides of the shed. It is the preferred foundation for sheds with wood floors. We have an entire article detailing the differences between gravel vs. concrete shed bases! 

If you purchase a shed without a floor, we’d be happy to install a concrete slab for you. Many larger prefab garages will also need concrete footers and concrete floors installed

Take a few moments to browse photos of concrete foundation projects that we’ve completed in the past or start planning for your own project by receiving a free quote!

A crew building a concrete foundation for a garage in PA, NJ, NY, MD, VA, WV, CT, or DE
A concrete garage foundation built in PA, NY, NJ, MD, VA, DE, CT, or WV


Floating Concrete Foundation For Sheds and Garages

 Floating Concrete Pad

Foundation Includes:

  • A.  Ground Leveled With Skid Loader
  • B.  4″ to 5” Clean Stone under Concrete Pad
  • C. 4” Thick Concrete (3500 PSI)

 Floating Concrete Foundation

Foundation Includes:

  • A. Excavation for Foundation
  • B. 4’’ Thick Concrete Floor (3500 PSI)
  • C. Saw Cut Control Joints to Minimize Cracking
  • D. 6” by 6” Wire Mesh Reinforcement (6-Gauge Wire)
  • E. 6-Mil Moisture Barrier
  • F. 4’’ to 5” of Clean Stone Prepped for Concrete
  • G. 12” Deep by 10″ Wide Footer
La Concrete Foundation For Sheds In PA

 Monolithic Concrete Foundation: (one pour)

Foundation Includes:

  • A.  Excavation for Foundation
  • B.   4’’ Thick Concrete Floor (3500 PSI)
  • C . Saw Cut Control Joints to Minimize Cracking
  • D . 6” by 6” Wire Mesh Reinforcement (6-Gauge Wire)
  • E . 6-Mil Moisture Barrier
  • F .  4’’ to 5” of Clean Stone Prepped for Concrete
  • G .  36” Deep by 10″ Wide Concrete Frost Wall
Concrete Shed Pad

Block Foundation

Foundation Includes:

  • .Excavation for Foundation
  • .4’’ Thick Concrete Floor (3500 PSI)
  • C. Saw Cut Control Joints to Minimize Cracking
  • D. 6” by 6” Wire Mesh Reinforcement (6-Gauge Wire)
  • E. 6-Mil Moisture Barrier
  • F. 4’’ to 5” of Clean Stone Prepped for Concrete
  • .8’’ Masonry Block Used to Build up to Required Height
  • H. Concrete Footer, 8’’ Deep x 24’’ Wide to Required Frost Depth with  #4 Rebar
Concrete Pillars With Pointers

Concrete Pier

  • .Excavation for Piers (Diameter Sizes available, 12” 16” 18” 24”)
  •  B  30” or 36″ Deep Concrete Piers (3000 PSI)

Note: Concrete Piers are a common foundation for horse barns at each bearing wall.

Some townships may require piers at each corner of your shed.

Recently Completed Shed and Garage Foundations 

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Reviews From Past Shed Foundations

100s of homeowners across the Mid-Atlantic United States (including New York) have trusted us to install their shed foundations. Here’s feedback we received from several of them:

An Outstanding Foundation!

We were given a lead time of 6-8 weeks so were pleasantly surprised when the job was scheduled after two weeks. Sylvan and Josh were punctual, worked skillfully and diligently, and completed the 12×18 foundation in just over three hours. They respected our property such that, other than the new foundation, it wasn’t apparent they

September 9, 2021

Up front and honest.

Our site was challenging. Lots of buried boulders and a bit of a slope. They worked with us to decide exact placement of the shed foundation, and saved us money buy moving it to an area with a little less slope. They were up front and honest with us about some of the site challenges,

Rob F
September 8, 2021

She’d Pad

Jonas and Marc actually showed up early, we’re very professional and completed their work in a timely matter. Clean up was excellent. I highly recommend this company!

September 8, 2021

Great Job

Jonas and Marv did a fabulous job on a difficult build. They put in a very long day and remained professional. I would highly recommend Site Prep. Definitely a five star job!

September 3, 2021