A shed foundation being built by Site Preparations LLC

Do I need a gravel or concrete shed base?

You can use a gravel shed base if your shed has a wood floor. We only recommend a concrete base if your shed doesn’t have a floor. You can read more about gravel vs concrete shed bases here.

What size pad do I need?

If you’re going with a gravel shed pad, it should be 2′ wider and 2′ longer than the size of your shed. Read more about the benefits of a gravel shed foundation that’s wider than your shed.

If you’re going with a concrete pad and your shed doesn’t have a floor, it should be the same size as your shed.

Can I install a shed on foundation blocks?

You can install a shed on foundation blocks, but it can create problems with your building down the road. Your shed might begin to settle overtime. Doors might not open and close properly.

Do you recommend using shed foundation blocks?

We do not recommend using shed foundation blocks for a shed foundation. Learn why in this blog post about Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Shed on Shed Foundation Blocks.

Can I build a shed foundation on uneven ground?

There are two ways of building a shed foundation on uneven ground:

The retaining wall – digging the uneven ground to create a level platform and holding it with a retaining wall.
The concrete piers – building a concrete column to form a level platform on which to build the shed.

How deep should a foundation be for a shed?

In general, 4” to 6” is a good depth range for a gravel shed foundation. Check with your local building department to make sure a foundation that you want to build meets local building requirements.

Do you use woven fabric to prevent weeds?

Absolutely! Commercial grade woven fabric is standard on all our gravel shed foundations. We believe it provides a more stable base for your shed by separating the gravel from the dirt below. In addition, it also keeps pesky plants away from your building!

How much gravel do I need for a shed foundation?

It is simple to calculate the volume of gravel you need for your shed foundation.
Length (feet)*Width(feet)*Depth(feet)=Total (feet)
Take the total and divide by 21.6. The result will be the estimated amount of tons needed for your project.

What kind of gravel do I need to use for a foundation?

It is recommended to use crushed stones to use for a foundation. It gets easily compacted to make a solid foundation, and good drainage.

Are your shed foundations actually built with gravel?

Not technically. Our shed foundations are built with crushed stone. (Gravel technically refers to round river stone, which is not suitable for a foundation.) Crushed stone is ideal for a shed foundation because its uneven shape allows it to be tightly compacted into a firm base, while still allowing water to drain away from the shed. However, many people refer to crushed stone as “gravel”, so we do too!

Can you build around my existing concrete pad?

Yes! See example job photo below:

Gravel shed foundation installed in Columbia, PA

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