Gravel Shed Pads and Foundations

Gravel shed foundation

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A gravel pad is an affordable choice for a shed foundation. Having a gravel foundation for your shed or gazebo (or even for your above-ground pool) is one simple way to make your building last longer with less maintenance. A gravel pad ensures that your building has a solid, well-drained foundation.

Our goal is to keep our shed pad installation services affordable and fast. Generally, it takes less than a day to construct a gravel pad and when we leave, your site is ready for your new structure! We sincerely believe in providing the best quality stone foundations in the industry.

How We Install Gravel Shed Pads

Gravel Foundation Options

exterior of an economy gravel foundation for sale

Economy Stone Base

  • No Perimeter
  • No Fabric
build up premium gravel foundation for sale

Premium Stone Foundation

  • Most Popular
  • 4×6 Perimeter
  • Fabric Weed Barrier
combination deluxe gravel foundation for sale

Deluxe Stone Foundation

  • 6×6 Perimeter
  • Fabric Weed Barrier

Gravel Foundation Uses

exterior of an orange shed on a gravel shed foundation

Shed Foundation

The most common use for gravel foundations is to support your shed structurally, while also keeping your shed level.

exterior of gravel foundation that could be used as a pool foundation

Pool Pad

A gravel foundation provides extra durability for your pool while also preventing erosion and drainage issues.

exterior of a gravel foundation used for a deck foundation

Gravel Under Deck

Gravel makes an excellent base underneath a deck, helping suppress weed growth and provide erosion control.

exterior of a gazebo gravel foundation

Gazebo Foundations

Shed pads also work great as excellent gazebo foundations. Providing a secure base for your gazebo is important.

gravel shed foundation for horse barn

Animal Shed Foundation

Gravel pads also create excellent foundations for animal shelters, such as horse barns or cattle shelters.

exterior of a gravel foundation for hot tubs

Hot Tub Pad

We recommend a gravel base as the best all-around hot tub base to support your new investment.

Where We Build Gravel Shed Pads

We build gravel shed pads throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. We currently serve parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and West Virginia. You can learn more about our service area here.

A. Ground leveled with skid loader.

B. Pressure-treated 4×6 or 6×6 perimeter w/rebar stakes to maintain stability (perimeter available only premium and deluxe foundation options).

C. 4’’- 6” of 3/4″ clean drainage stone, leveled and compacted.

D. We recommend gravel pads that should be 1′ longer than the outside shed perimeter for water drainage.

Gravel base for shed pad

Reviews From Past Shed Pad Customers

We’ve installed shed bases for 1000s of happy customers! Here’s what a few of our recent shed pad customers have to say:

Awesome job!

The guys that installed the foundation for our new shed were awesome! Early arrival and

John Smither
February 28, 2024

10 stars! Dog Play Area Turf Yard

10 stars! Highly recommend. We had Site Prep install a clean, cozy, dedicated, healthy, protected,

April 17, 2024

The Best Experience

After calling around to some local companies for a shed pad and having many no

April 27, 2024


Excellent, great communication from start to finish. The guys were the best, could not be

April 27, 2024
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Gravel Shed Pad FAQ's

Do I need a concrete or gravel shed pad?

If your shed is built with a wood floor, you should choose a gravel pad; a concrete foundation is ideal for a shed without a prebuilt floor. You can read an in-depth comparison of each type of foundation in our article: "Gravel vs. Concrete: Which Shed Base is Best for You?"

What size of shed pad do I need?

Your gravel shed foundation should be 12" wider than your shed all the way around. So an 8'x12' shed should be installed on a 10'x14' pad. For more information, read our article about why your gravel shed foundation should be 12" wider than your shed. 

Is a gravel shed pad better than shed foundation blocks?

Absolutely. We don't recommend using shed foundation blocks for your shed base as they can cause structural problems in your building as time goes on. Learn more in our article about shed foundation blocks.

Do your gravel shed pads include fabric weed barrier?

Yes, fabric weed barrier comes standard on all our gravel shed pads. We believe it provides extra stability to your shed foundation by separating the gravel from the dirt below. Some of the features and benefits of our commercial-grade fabric weed barrier include:

  • Made from high-quality, non-woven polypropylene fibers
  • Prevents weeds from growing over covered areas
  • Great for filtration, reinforcement, separation, and erosion control
  • Helps to prevent clogging, extend drainage system life, and increase performance

What does it cost to install a shed pad?

You can request a price list with sample pricing for some of the common shed foundation sizes here! Prices are dependent upon your garage or shed site being within 8” of level. (If the pad is more than 8'' off level, additional charges may be applied by the site crew on the day of work being done)

  • Pad Between 8” to 14” Off Level - Add 20%
  • Pad Between 14” to 20” Off Level - Add 30%
  • Pad Between 20” to 26” Off Level - Add 40%
  • Pad More Than 26” Off Level - Custom Quote

For shed pads that exceed 26” off level, we recommend an upgrade to a 6x6 perimeter. While not required, this will add significantly more strength to your gravel shed foundation.

Are your gravel pads only for sheds?

No! Gravel pads also make great gazebo foundations, hot tub pads, patio/fire pit areas, and more! A gravel pad with stone dust (instead of 3/4" stone) is a great option for a horse row barn or run-in shed foundation. Feel free to contact us with questions about whether a gravel pad is right for your needs!

A gravel shed pad on a slope
A shed pad made from crushed stone with concrete pier footers in the corners
gravel shed foundation for a horse barn
gravel shed foundation for horse barn