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Do You Need A Foundation For A Shed?

"Do you need a foundation for a shed" decision-making cart

Like many good things in life, such as romantic relationships and bowling alleys, most sheds need a foundation! That’s the short answer anyway. There are a few exceptions (which we’ll talk about), but a foundation is generally required when building or buying a shed.  In this article, we’ll discuss a whole range of common shed […]

Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Shed on Shed Foundation Blocks

shed foundation blocks leaning shed

If you’re preparing to have your shed installed, you’re probably wondering whether you need a foundation for a shed and, if so, what kind of foundation is best for your shed. We’ve already outlined our preferred shed foundation in this article. Now we’ll look at a shed foundation type that we don’t recommend: shed foundation […]

Gravel vs. Concrete: Which Shed Base is Best for You?

gravel vs concrete shed base

Gravel is generally better than concrete for a shed foundation As mentioned above, gravel foundations win out for prefab sheds that come with wooden floors pre-built. If that’s the type of shed you’re planning to build/buy, the following reasons explain the benefits of a gravel shed foundation. Concrete is generally better than gravel for a […]