gravel shed foundations in thomasville PA

Project Description

Client: Bob Z.

Location: Thomasville, PA

Date Completed: November 15, 2021

Two gravel shed foundations were installed in Thomasville, PA. The one was a 26×30 gravel shed pad, and the other one was a 14×20 gravel shed pad. Twenty 16″x36″ concrete piers will be also be installed later for the dog run. It was built for Bob Z. He wants to eventually have a 12×18 shed placed on the 14×20 gravel shed pad. He also wants to have a 24×28 shed placed on the 26×30 gravel shed pad. Then after the sheds are delivered and the concrete piers are installed, Sitepreps will go back and install the stone foundation for the dog run area. For that job, he wants 3/4″ of stone installed then fabric and wire put down. Then, they will add another 1/2″ of stone for the final layer.