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How Much Does Shed Site Prep Cost?

A completed gravel shed pad

Every home improvement project calls for thinking ahead. That’s a given! But larger projects, like installing a backyard shed or storage building, require their own unique kind of planning! And part of that planning is the Big Question: “What can I afford?” Aside from considering the price of your new shed or garage, part of […]

How Much Gravel Do I Need for a Shed Foundation?

A gravel shed foundation for sale in NY, PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

Thinking about buying or building a backyard shed or storage building? Before you start your project, you’re going to want to think about providing a solid and level foundation for your shed. Not planning properly for your shed site prep is likely to cost you time and money down the road. Planning for your gravel […]

Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Shed on Shed Foundation Blocks

shed foundation blocks leaning shed

If you’re preparing to have your shed installed, you’re probably wondering what kind of foundation is best for your shed. We’ve already answered that question in another blog post about concrete vs. gravel shed foundations. Now we’d like to look at a shed foundation type that we don’t recommend: shed foundation blocks. Installing and leveling […]

Warning Signs Your Garage Foundation Has A problem

Horse barn with rubber horse stall mats

It only takes a couple minutes a week to check your foundation for cracks, excessive moisture, and other common problems. But it will take far more time, and enormous amounts of money, to repair the results of a neglected foundation. So do yourself, your garage, and your wallet a favor by taking good care of […]