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How Much Does Shed Site Prep Cost?

A completed gravel shed pad

Every home improvement project calls for thinking ahead. That’s a given! But larger projects, like installing a backyard shed or storage building, require their own unique kind of planning! And part of that planning is the Big Question: “What can I afford?” Aside from considering the price of your new shed or garage, part of […]

How Much Gravel Do I Need for a Shed Foundation?

A gravel shed foundation for sale in NY, PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

Thinking about buying or building a backyard shed or storage building? Before you start your project, you’re going to want to think about providing a solid and level foundation for your shed. Not planning properly for your shed site prep is likely to cost you time and money down the road. Planning for your gravel […]

Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Shed on Shed Foundation Blocks

shed foundation blocks leaning shed

If you’re preparing to have your shed installed, you’re probably wondering whether you need a foundation for a shed and, if so, what kind of foundation is best for your shed. We’ve already outlined our preferred shed foundation in this article. Now we’ll look at a shed foundation type that we don’t recommend: shed foundation […]